Keep Moving

On the BBC series ‘Trust Me I’m a Doctor’ Michael Mosely did an experiment with some estate agents on standing while they were at work. The results were pretty compelling and a full article is here.

BBC screenshot

There is mounting evidence that prolonged sitting is bad for you even if you exercise for an hour or two at the end of the day. Sitting still, results in higher levels of glucose in your blood which increases the risk of diabetes. The estate agents bodies dealt with high levels of glucose a lot more quickly when they were standing.

The researchers also found that standing for three hours a day for five days burns up to about 30, 000 calories. That is equivalent to around 8lbs of fat or 10 marathons a year!

So ‘Keep Moving’ really does seem like good advice. More recent research shows that while sitting on a Back App chair you burn energy at a similar rate to standing so you can stand or sit and ‘Keep Moving.’ is a trading style of BackApp UK Limited registered in England. Company Number 07663872. 33 Alma Road AL1 3AT.